2 November 2010
HEAPnet Town meeting in Amsterdam

4-5 October 2010
Meeting in Paris


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What is HEAPnet?

The HEAPnet community consists of European scientists active in High Engergy Astroparticle Physics. HEAPnet was formed in December 2004, during a meeting in Paris.

Objectives of HEAPnet

Multi-messenger observation of the Universe

Strengthen the interconnections and collaborations between different experiments and infrastructures to create a coherent "multi-messenger" and "multi-wavelength" observation plan and a better European coordination in HEAPnet experiments.

Access to infrastructures

Enhance and facilitate access to data for participants of different HEAPnet experiments and infrastructures and also to scientists outside the infrastructures.

Academia and industry

Create synergy between different HEAPnet scientific laboratories and industrial companies to effectively conduct research and development for advanced detection techniques and better instruments and infrastructures.


Contribute to the enhancement of science literacy in Europe by ensuring a continously running program for outreach to the general public and students and teachers.